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Dreams are an essential and mystical part of one's life. In absence of them our lives are devoid of excitement and opportunities. When we dream, we strive and struggle to achieve our goals and fulfil our ambitions and this in itself is the very essence of life. RKFMA helps you to fulfil your dreams to become Film and TV Actor. We are the Best Institute for Acting and Modelling. for more Information.
If you dream of asserting yourself in the glamour world, basking in the lime light, having your share of glory, fame and fortune then you are at the right place. We provide you with Certificate Courses in Acting and Modelling for Film and TV Actor. for more Information and other courses details.
We are an Institute where we provide an Intensive Acting and Modelling Course, that will enable you to experience Modelling in a Supportive and Non-threatening environment, whilst also enhancing your personal image and confidence. We are the Best Film and TV Actor Institute, Certificate for Classes is also provided. for more Information.
Our College for Mass Communication and Courses for Film Artist prepares the students to perform a vital and challenging function of finding out the truth amid complicated situations, usually under a time constraint, and communicating it in a clear, engaging fashion to the public. Our College also educates scholars of communications and journalism, and functions as a significant guiding force in journalism and inculcates in its students the habit of thinking of themselves as leaders for change and improvement in the profession. We also offer Diploma Courses in Mass Communication and Diploma Courses in Film Artist. for more Information.
We are the College of Journalism and Mass Communication and we poised to be one of India's finest Colleges dedicated to Media Studies and Mass Communication. for more Information.