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Broadcast analysts or public relation specialists or writers are some examples of careers in mass communication. A bachelors, masters or a diploma degree in Mass Communication will serve as a strong foundation for individuals seeking any of those careers. Our Mass Communication Course topics cover how to inform, persuade and entertain an audience. We aim to teach the aspirants about the diversity, dynamism and, creativity of mass communication. Not only has the world of communication changed but so has the target audience. You will be able to successfully disseminate information to the masses at different levels and make the creative bug come out of you after passing out from our Mass Communication Institute.
We offer Theatre Acting and Stage Dramatics Course which will bring to attention the acting and behaviour that leads the audience into the story. Our Theatre Acting Workshops will continually aim to bring the importance of not attempting a lot of facets of any character at the same time. We will make you realise that the definition and importance of the character are diminished when you make the wrong choices for movement, blocking and, natural behaviour. Our Theatre Acting Institute aims to simplify everything so that your audience understands how that character fits into the unfolding story.
Want to become like Akshay Kumar of Rustom or Hrithik Roshan of Mohenjo daro who’re ruling the charts? We’ll give you the real deal. For a successful movie, we believe that the Filmmaking and Acting department, both should be in sync. We bring both the Filmmaking and Acting department under one roof. The infrastructure & media-skilled manpower available with the Centre has made it possible to offer its audience with in-house production studios facilities along with the training environment for imparting practical education in Filmmaking and Acting. RKFMA also provides Hansraj College Certification courses which is for a duration of 6 months. Want to know more about the admissions which are open for Hansraj College Certification courses?
Never go blank on the stage for a second. Become a confident Actor who is connected to the audience from now on. We have joined hands with DU and offer Certificate Courses in Theatre Acting and Presentation. You can groom yourself into an amazing Actor with the Theatre Acting And Presentation Course because it will make you ready for any circumstances which may occur. It will make you understand of how you can become a persistent performer who can easily convey stories. Our DU Certificate Course in Theatre Acting and Presentation will ultimately make you immerse yourself into whatever role you need to act.
Our BJMC or Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication is an essentially 3-year program, which is offered by most of the universities. This program is customized especially to train and motivate students aspiring to become a Journalist and Media Manager. Our Journalism and Mass Communication Course is structured to nurture raw talent in a conducive environment. By and large, our program lets you broaden your horizon and interact with a wider audience. We will also give the right amount of exposure, where you can excel and develop character by observing the industry veterans and leaders. The on-job training in the form of internships and the detailed theory in real essence prepares you mentally to take the necessary stand. Our Course will teach you about what is needed to make a career in the field of News Anchoring, News Reading, Editing, handling camera, writing a report and so forth. In the end, you are fully trained and infused with the right tactics, which then lets you sustain a career in this challenging profession.